Our Real Estate Search

Our Real Estate Search

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Using an accurate property search when searching for real estate is important when looking to buy a home.  Use Our Real Estate Search on the right of the page, or visit our Advanced Real Estate Search page.

Why is Our Property Search Better?

What makes Infinity Real Estate Search different that Zillow or Trulia?  To explain that first we must take a look at where real estate data comes from.  It is very important to understand that even though some of the nation wide real estate websites may be slick, and have monstrous marketing campaigns to tell you how great they are, they simply do not have all of the real estate listings.  You may have already found out that many times you find a home, when you request a showing of the property, you find it sold months ago.  Zillow is famous for not having all of the listings in many areas across the country.

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Getting Real Estate Listings from the MLS

Understanding that 93% of all homes sold in the United States utilize a REALTOR, we go straight to the source, the local MLS.  The MLS in the Greater New Orleans area (which takes in Slidell LA) does not syndicate listings to Zillow or Trulia or any other of the 3rd party aggregator websites.  All of the homes for sale that end up on those sites are either manually uploaded by REALTORS, uploaded by For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) or in other instances, take a long journey to get their via multiple syndication channels.  Our Real Estate Property Search connects directly to the local MLS and updates every 15 minutes via an IDX data feed.

We are not the ONLY real estate broker that has a search that connects directly to the MLS – we have found a few other real estate brokers with similar searches.  One, which shows all of the homes for sale in Wilmington NC is: www.buddyblake.com/wilmington  and another which focuses on Boston  homes is:  www.boston2.com.  Although there are other real estate websites that do pull directly from the MLS, sites like Trulia do not. You may even notice that many of our most recent listings, do not have photos yet.  That is simply because we actually have the listings displayed to the public before the real estate agent even gets all of the photos uploaded to the MLS.  That means you are always looking at fresh real estate listings when you search on Infinity Real Estate’s website!

Unique Property Searches

With the thousands of homes currently listed for sale and the best deals getting sold fast, we have created unique property searches that can assist you with your home buying process.  For renters, we have created unique pages with Homes For Sale Under $1,000 where the homes that are displayed can be purchased with a note of under $1000 per month.  We also have created a Foreclosure Search which only shows Slidell Foreclosures For Sale.  Our home page shows the most expensive homes currently listed in Slidell, the largest listings, the newest listings. We even have a page dedicated to Homes That Have Just Been Reduced In Price.  Lastly, we have partnered with Lakeshore Louisiana for luxury condos.  If you can think of a type of real estate search you would like to see, just let us know. 

Our History With Real Estate Technology

Infinity Real Estate has a long history of dealing in real estate technology.  As a matter of fact, this real estate brokerage was born out of technology.  With over a decade in working at very high levels within the industry, with some of the largest real estate brokers in the country and with our leadership on the board of directors for the local MLS (and a past President) we know technology.   Many of the technology tools that we use when working one on one with you on your real estate transaction, we are not allowed to display to the public.  We have even written articles on the history of IDX and how real estate listings ended up on line.

Our Real Estate Search
Article Name
Our Real Estate Search
What makes Infinity Real Estate Search different that Zillow or Trulia? To explain that first we must take a look at where real estate data comes from.
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