Buying A Home In Slidell

Buying A Home In Slidell

Buying a Home In SlidellWhether you are a first time homebuyer or a full time investor, Infinity Real Estate can help you with your next purchase. We have the most accurate and advanced property search available to help you find exactly what you are looking for. We provide real information on the the homes for sale such as Walk Score, School Information, Mortgage Information, real estate statistics and more.  We work with only the most professional mortgage lenders, title companies, inspectors and insurance people to demand that all of your home buying needs are met.

For many people, the first step in purchasing a home is finding out exactly what you can comfortably afford after all is said and done. To start that process, we provide an easy Affordability and Closing Cost Estimator. We have a Mortgage Calculator on the left side of every property search result so you know exactly what a home will cost.

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The mortgage on your new home will be more important to the overall affordability than the price of the property.  Prior to making an offer on any home, it is critical to speak with a lender.  A reputable lender will request some preliminary information from you in order to “pre-qualify” you for your home purchase.  This pre-qualification is a critical part, as it shows the home seller that you have the means to purchase the home and we will submit the pre-qualification with your offer.  If you don’t already have a lender that you have met with, we can direct you to some of the most professional lenders around.  We have found that out of state lenders don’t provide the same level of service and we strongly recommend using a lender that you can meet in person.

After speaking with you to determine the criteria of what you want to buy, we will set you up to be notified (within 5 minuets) any time a new property hits the market that fits your criteria.  It is critical to see new properties ASAP as the best ones go fast.

Prior to making an offer we will do a detailed valuation of the property to determine an offer strategy that insures you will not overpay for your new home.  We dig very deep into the real estate data and look at over one hundred data points when we price a property.  We also take into consideration many factors such as flood zone, sold comparable properties, insurance rates, expired listings, school district and even foreclosure rates in the area.

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